Amelia – Little princes

 From early age I acted like a tiny old. I preferred spending time with older boys, feeling that I can learn more from them than from peers. When asked for my name I replied “Mr. P”, this put a smile on adult’s face, which I did not understand. One woman after hearing my name said. “You are right son, if you will not respect yourself, no one will. “I always felt that my soul is much older than my body, like it has much more experience. I also liked to hide my soul, not that I was a shamed of it, but I felt that it can get easily hurt. When I grew older my body started to age while my soul, on the other hand, was getting younger and younger. Little bit like Curious case of Benjamin Button. I had this strange sensation where your body feels like losing weight although bathroom scale showed opposite. Those were also times when children started to like me more and more, as if there was some kind of connection between us. Even nowadays I sometimes have those strange moment when, from out of nowhere, child approaches me and starts to talk to me or just smile. This is something that confuses people, but not me. For me these are those magical moments where I can teleport myself back to my childhood. Most people know that you cannot really hide your soul from a child. With just one look into your eyes they know who you are. Sense from a distance who is good or a bad person. This is the moment where I would like to introduce to you little girl called Amelia.

 “Let’s take this bed, closer to the window.” Mag said to her husband entering the room. She had confidence in her voice, which gave an impression that this is not the first time they are here. That their training is already in much more advance stage than ours. “Come Amelia, take off your clothes off and jump on the bed.” This was first time our eyes have met. It was unforgettable moment, where those beautiful blue eyes peeked into my soul. Very short moment, as she got quickly scared, but I could feel that there is something special about little Amelia. That even though she was a very young child, she suffer much, and her soul is much older than it looked.  Shortly after Mag’s husband, S, came to the room. I could see that Mag is well organized, taking only those things to the facility, that was really necessary. It did not took her much time to turn her little corner into some kind of imitation of home. A little asylum for Amelia to bring a bit of comfort and safeness into this rough and unpleasant place.It was not long when we introduced ourselves to each other and started talking about our kids and reason for beginning here.

“What so special about your son?” Mag asked.

“He has a tumor on the left adrenal gland. It produces large amount of dopamine” replayed M. “This gives him more than average dexterity as well as above average memory. They think those skill would come in handy in heaven. And what about you? What is Amelia’s uniqueness?”

“She has a little tumor in her head that makes her very intelligent and she can easily read people’s emotions. We tried to remove it at least once but it grows back, which also makes her so special.”

“How long you are training here?”

“It will be close to a year now” Mag replied and in her voice you could feel sadness. She tried to be optimistic regarding the possibility of sabotaging the flight but with each day passing by, and another unsuccessful try to remove the tumor from Amelia’s head, this light was slowly fading. S on the other hand was a fighter, even a small thought, that his plan of taking back Amelia from the Center and never coming back here, would not succeed was quickly removed from his head. He knew that key is positive attitude. Never allowing despair to take over the control. S was a person that would go to hell and back if needed, just to have clear conscience that he did all he could to save his child. This was also a beginning of a journey that we did not expect that might happen. Few days passed and we started to sympathize with each other. Share tear of joy when good news came and tear of sorrow when we heard that another try of getting our children of the flight list failed.

 I always wanted to have at least two kids, son which I could teach how to be brave and caring for others, and daughter, which I could gaze into her eyes and see love to the world. Those small eyes that without asking and ease could get to the bottom of my soul. Her vulnerability would open all locked doors in my heart. I could see that in Amelia’s look. She was gazing inside people’s souls with curiosity what is hidden behind those close doors. I can easily see why Mag and S loved her so much and will do everything what is in their power to stop her from flying to heaven. If I would have a daughter I call her Amelia.

Hans Zimmer Inception- Time … as there is always not enough of it.

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