Night that I wish never happened

 You always want your kid to be special. To stand out from the crowd. Be smarter than his peers, faster, stronger… or at least no worse than others. You hope that someday he will became someone people will look up to.  I am not saying to be a president but more somebody you will be proud of and not pretend that you don’t know what he is up to when asked by your friends or family.

 Special in the good way.  You are trying to push away all the bad thought of things that can potentially happen to him. As all you wish insight to have him a good, long lasting life.

 It was month before when we started to worry, constant fevers that were gone for few days and back again. We hoped that it is nothing more than just a flu, but the fact that they were coming back was making us worry that there is a small chance we are facing something serious. And it was on 17th of July when we heard that our son is special, very special in the way that you never wish him to be.

 -Congratulation your Son has been classified to the newly lunched space program where at the end of his training he will have a unique privilege of being part of the group of few who will fly to heaven. Thanks to his 4, 7 inches (12 cm) tumor on his adrenal gland and numerous metastases found in bone marrow, many bones, lymph nodes and chest there is a high chance he will successfully pass all the stages of training finishing with the flight – She looked at us as we should be proud of having such a special boy, but in our mind we had only one thought. It was screaming so loud that it would have wake the whole facility up if outspoken. –WHY!!!!!!!!

 She left us for the night, a night that will begin our long journey of them trying to help my son to fly to heaven and us doing all we can to spot this from happening.

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