If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. In most cases when we planned holidays, night out or sometimes even small, at the last moment something went wrong. In times when we left things to run its own course and just swam with the current, slightly adjusting to our needs, it went smoothly. Luckily this rule was still applicable for us in our current situation.

 After week of tests, where some of them we would not wish to our enemies, as you really need to bite hard on your lips not to shade a tear in front of your 2 years old Son, we finally met with our leading Captain to discuss the plan.

 “Please sit down, as what I am about to say may be too overwhelming for you. Based on all conducted tests, we received results confirming the initial theory, that he is highly qualified for the flight to heaven. His current state, 12 cm tumor and metastases found in bone marrow, many bones, lymph nodes and chest, gives him high success rate of 70%. This gives us good chance, that after completing the whole training, you will be proud and happy parents whose first born child flew to heaven.” We sat in front of her, with Szymon laying half-conscious on the bed, hoping that she will stop in the middle and say that she came to apologize but she mixed up the papers and this is not the right cadet she is talking about. Reality was different. Reality was like a bubble that just burst telling you that your fun time, happy parenthood is over. This plan was solid, build for success, and we were about to hear all its details. “Due to that high score your Son achieved, he has been classified for a European space program which consist of 5 stages. After each of those 5 stages we will run more tests to determine if anything changed in his current performance and reassess his participation in the program.

First stage: Code name Rapid Cojec. In this stage, which lasts for three months, we will build proper muscles. Get him in shape by providing with 8 rounds of special drugs, chemo, which will strengthen him, bring back proper appetite, minimize any vomiting caused by motion sickness, so that at the end of this stage he will be much stronger, faster and in better shape than ever. As in all of the stages, there is a chance he will be already flying to heaven without the need of participating in the rest of the training, but this is not likely to happen yet. In the unluckily event, of him not qualifying for the flight, we will begin the second stage.

Second stage: Code name-Surgery. Main purpose of this training is to make sure he has proper body mass to fit the space suite. As there is a facility that specializes in that type of training and it is located south west of here you will need to travel. Further details will be given later on, as it is classified. What I can say at this point is that, we will be cutting out all of the unnecessary organs to make sure that at the end of this training his body weight is just right for the suit. Same as in previous stage there is a chance that he might be trained enough after this course to fly to heaven but still it is unlikely event.

Third stage: Code name Isolation. To adopt to conditions, that he will face during the flight, in this training course you will be locked out for almost 2 month, without the access to outside world, and during that time your Son’s bone marrow will be cleaned. We will be wiping the old one and inserting a new, better one. This will ensure that none of the currently existing viruses and bacteria, that are present in his body, will travel with him into space. There are very special conditions in which you will spend those two months in but same as with other stages details will be provided in later timing.

Forth stage: Code name-Radiation. Although this is the shortest stage, as it only last 3 weeks, it will consist of training for the radioactive environment your son will encounter in space. We will teach him how to operate in tough conditions, to ensure that he will not lose it course, in case of encountering high radioactive space waves on the way to heaven.

Fifth stage: Code name-Mutant. Last stage will be the longest, as in this stage, we will be inserting human and mouse antibodies to his organism to enhance his performance.

 I know there is much information to digest at once therefore I propose to stop for now. If you have any questions I am happy to address them.” When she finished explaining the plan to us, on the piece of paper where she  was drawing it, she created a nice pentagram with five stages at the end of each wing and Szymon right in the middle. We felt that there are things that she is not telling us. Nevertheless we did not had any choice but to trust her, that whatever she is planning is good for him.” As you may suspect due to high confidentiality all the details will be shared with you at the beginning of each stage. Uniqueness of your son forces us to initiate first stage as soon as possible therefore I will leave you for now to slowly digest the plan but will come back later in the day to start the training.”

 When I look back at this moment, fear was the only feeling I had in me. Fear, that I have not much time to love him. Not much time to play and laugh with him and that in all there is nothing good ahead of us. Luckily as always even solid plans did not hold when you showed them to God.

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